Tiger Outdoor Products Chameleon Arch Tent

Best backpacking tent? You decide!

Lightweight 1 or 2 person backpacking tent package starts at 3.2 pounds!

*Lots of backpacking tent innovation, not lots of weight
*1-year Love It or Return It satisfaction warranty. (We've had zero returns for warranty or quality issues.)
*Sturdy, durable 70D/190T fabrics won't scuff under a sneeze
*Sized for smaller-to-average persons (roomy for solo person)
84" Length; 49" Wide (head-end) to 42" Wide (foot-end); 37" Peak
(1.3% of customers have returned tents for being too small)


1 pole set, 3 tent OPTIONS

*All netting/Full fly backpacking tent
*Netting-nylon/Full fly backpacking tent
*Netting-nylon/Dew cap minimalist bp tent.

Buy only the tent components you want.
Easily replace lost or damaged components.
Start with any single configuration and add others as you wish.

View animation of Interchangeable Components


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