Tiger Outdoor Products Chameleon Arch Tent

Best backpacking tent? You decide!

Lightweight 1 or 2 person backpacking tent package starts at 3.2 pounds!

*Lots of backpacking tent innovation, not lots of weight
*1-year Love It or Return It satisfaction warranty. (We've had zero returns for warranty or quality issues.)
*Sturdy, durable 70D/190T fabrics won't scuff under a sneeze
*Sized for smaller-to-average persons (roomy for solo person)
84" Length; 49" Wide (head-end) to 42" Wide (foot-end); 37" Peak
(1.3% of customers have returned tents for being too small)


1 pole set, 3 tent OPTIONS

*All netting/Full fly backpacking tent
*Netting-nylon/Full fly backpacking tent
*Netting-nylon/Dew cap minimalist bp tent.

Buy only the tent components you want.
Easily replace lost or damaged components.
Start with any single configuration and add others as you wish.

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