3 tent choices - 1 pole set
Dew Cap over UL6 peak netting provides fast privacy and minimalist weather protection at a scanty 3.2 lbs! Dew Cap is coated and seam taped. Precipitation can penetrate canopy fabric which is breathable for greatest comfort in dry conditions. Replacing Dew Cap with UL Lil Fly provides full protection; i.e., Cub. (Dew Cap fits UL5, leaving canopy wall netting exposed.)

UL5 all-netting walls and peak let you stargaze bug free with great ventilation. For privacy and weather protection, UL Lil Fly stands to the test! UL5 canopy, poles and Lil Fly weigh merely 4.1 lbs.

UL6 nylon walls provide privacy and breeze blocking with a big view of the sky. For complete privacy and weather protection, Lil Fly covers the task! (Yes, the same fly fits both UL5 and UL6 canopies.) UL6 canopy, poles and Lil Fly weigh only 4.3 lbs. (Lil Fly pictured with one door open.)

Topcat menu ordering lets you choose exactly the pieces and configurations you want. If you want them all, one click on the Magilla package puts all 24 Topcat pieces in your cart. This package weighs under 7 lbs, though you'd likely not carry all at once.

Topcat series lets you choose what you want when you want it. Buy it all at once in Magilla; or a single configuration to which you can add options later.

Of course you can also very easily replace any lost or damaged items without having to buy a whole new tent.