UL5 at Gem Lake
We started backpacking in the summer of 1959. Making camp meant
rolling the sleeping bag out on the ground. If it rained, you got wet. If there were bugs, you thought about something else. We were young. We were thrilled just to be out there. Comfort didn't count.

The brain stem connected in 1975. We tried our first tent. Comfort
became a whole new world of fun. We backpack more than ever now; always looking for new ways to be even more comfortable. The comfort fulcrum remains a lightweight backpacking tent for managing weather, bugs, dirt and privacy. We love tents. Sometimes we wonder if we use a tent to camp, or camp to use a tent.

We've sampled dozens of lightweight backpacking tents. Now after so
many years of thinking on tents; using, studying and selling tents; CADing 'em and making tent prototypes, we think we've come up with the best lightweight tent in the world for summer backpacking.

See what 55 years of backpacking experience brings to a new premium
lightweight backpacking tent design! Low weight innovations provide more efficient sleeping volume and retain sturdy fabrics for better durability than superlights. Look into Topcat UL Lil, Ultra-Likeable lightweight backpacking tent loaded to the vents with comfort features and light enough for anyone to tote.