Tiger Topcat UL Lil comes to market specifically for two average-size
backpackers wanting a full featured mild-weather tent at minimal weight. Lil might be perfect for one bigger than average person, but not two. Lil's pretty spacious for 1 person; and not a lot heavier than some 1-person tents.

DEW CAP on UL6 offers weight-stingy option of fully bug-proof, fully private
and reasonable shelter from light rain as needed; and wide-eye view of the stars when not. Dew cap is fast and simple to put on and take off; and weighs only 7oz. It is waterproof, yet with UL6 abundant ventilation avoids most if not all condensation. UL6 wall nylon breathes, offering superior comfort in drier conditions. Wet nylon seeps, becoming less breathable, and less taut. Breathable rain shield protects zipper, which can be snaggy unless you use a finger to keep it clear. Rain shield and corners above tub are not taped and will leak; seam sealing can mitigate. Dew cap is ideal minimalist shelter when you don't expect wet but care to be prepared for it at about 1/3 the weight of conventional fly. It fits to allow a bit of seeing out.

UL5 offers superbly lightweight bug proof full-view tent tightly weather-
resistant with fly. (Dew cap fits UL5, but leaves exposed netting.)

FLY fits either UL5 or UL6 for full mild weather protection at an incremental
weight under 1.5 lbs. Zippers can be 'cracked' at top, and with over-size vent at foot end, these three points of ventilation help keep condensation in check. Large vestibules on each side provide undercover storage.

KNEES expand sleeping space by making walls more vertical near the bottom.
PoleBinderô loop clamps pole intersection for greater stability when needed. Knees want to turn on the axis under stress. Guying is generally not necessary but will increase stability in load-stress conditions. Topcat UL Lil is not recommended for snow or wind load. If snow builds up on un-guyed tent, be sure to knock off both sides at once, then both ends at once.