Always push poles when pitching to keep joints seated. Unseated joints cause
tearing of pole ends and tent fabric. This could harm tent and/or people. Avoid crimping and radial fractures by not letting poles snap together.

Always check ground for sharp objects such as glass, bottle tops, thorns, cone
needles and other nasties.

Always use footprint, coated (shiny) side up. Coated side down scuffs coating.

Always avoid odors in tent which an animal might think could be food.

Always keep any flame or heat source away from all tent fabrics.

Always store dry. Dampness causes mold. Mold ruins tents. Keep tent
reasonably clean and free of debris. Grit degrades fabrics. Brush sticky zippers clean with a toothbrush and apply dry silicon lube.

Damp wiping is best method of cleaning dirty tent. If sty, use Tech Wash and
hand wash in a large, smooth bucket. Never run any tent component through a washing machine. Never scrub fabric.

Sun degrades exposed fabric. As practical, shade tent for longer life.