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My bp friend and I took a Tiger Cub for 9 days in Yosemite on a forecast of marginal weather, which must have turned out the worst ever in June. For 3 straight days we sat out drizzle, snow, rain, sleet and hail. We kept the vent up and the zippers opened about 10" on each side; and stayed dry and cozy inside the tent. The tri-venting works, and lets you peep out each side too.


 Emory S
Love the Zye tent. Took it on my first backpacking trip last week was very pleased at how easily it packed and the usability of the system. The tent bag came apart at the seam, but everything else is holding up great. My 13 year old son join me, so we quickly threw together a walmart dome tent so he could go. The tent was hot and heavy. He pleaded to use mine. Thank you Very much for a great product and customer service.


The tent arrived on the 12th and I picked ot up when I got into town on the 17. Excellent service. Went out bush the next day and I have to say a fantastic tent, very easy to put up even with the fly attached to netting. Kept we warm, dry and watched the mossies dive bombing the netting trying to get inside with me. I will keep in touch. Cheers


I took a Tiger Min into Kaiser Wilderness in September with no chance of rain. At the first camp it poured for 6 hours; rain, sleet, hail, even a tiny bit of snow. Didn't stay thoroughly dry inside as I might have liked, but made it through. The rest of the week carrying only 6oz of fly instead of 22 made up for it. That's twice for rain on the Min, and I still take it most of the time.


Awsome product!!! The best lightweight tent made, I have 2 of them.


Wow - high quality tent at a great price. Awesome!


good product, im a repeat repeat repeat repeat buyer


Upon much research have found your product and the scalability is remarkable as well as replacement items should they fail. Next season will be my 1st purchase.


I would like to thank you for the fast shipping and offering a high quality product at a fair price point. I could not be more pleased!


 Larry Davis
Hi Guys, A friend told me about your tents, and I was super excited about buying a full package…until I read the dimensions. I'm 6'2" and the length of 84" is simply too short to provide me with any sleep on a breezy night. I'm sure you have your reasons for the shorter dimensions, but perhaps you will consider in future making a tent another foot longer for us taller guys. There's a lot of us out here that need the extra length, and had you provided it I would have purchased your product.