Find Topcat lightweight backpacking tent Ultra-Likeable for all these reasons:

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INTERCHANGEABLE COMPONENTS let you outfit your tent for the occasion +
All Topcat UL components fit one pole set. Footprint and fly fit UL5 and UL6. Dew cap fits either canopy, but leaves exposed netting on UL5.
ONE SET OF POLES works for multiple tent configurations
MENU ORDERING lets you order only the components you want +
More typically, if you lose the fly, for example, or the dog shreds the floor, the cost of replacement is too high and you scrap the whole tent. Topcat lets you buy what you need and keep your tent in service. Be green and save money too.
OFFSET PEAK widens shoulder room +
by spreading poles farther at head end where two-users want more shoulder and head room to sit up.
KNEES at each corner make more sleeping space +
Compare at 12" off the floor, where your forehead and piggies are. Most small tents waste space at bottom, which wastes weight. Knees change the poles' energy distribution for a less rigid structure. This space- making weight-saving strategy is not appropriate for snow or wind load. Design also works in conjunction with gear inside tent to make panels more taut. It may appear loose when empty or with over-tight cap or fly.
TUB design minimizes seams; eliminates horizontal ground seams
MESH TOP UL6 gives great star gazing and ventilation
NYLON SIDES on UL6 help block breeze while you stargaze
DEW CAP for low-weight privacy, shade and most summer weather
RAIN SHIELD over UL6 zipper helps shed water in dew cap configuration +
We use uncoated, breathable fabric here. Factory taping is not as appropriate at this seam as customer seam-sealing, which is required to minimize water intrusion.
FULL FLY option handles more weather +
Coated and taped fly with 3-point venting helps control weather impact and minimize condensation. Zippers on each side allow ‘cracking’ open about 10”, plus king-size vent on foot-end.
ALL-NETTING UL5 canopy offers light-weight bug-proof nature gazing
FASTEN-8™ footprint and fly attachment adds super convenience +
Press-on pull-off! Footprint stays attached to move or shake out tent. Fly requires no adjustments wet or dry. Eliminates footprint grommets and fly buckles. Eliminates pole tip slipping from grommet during pitch when used with footprint.
RAIN SHIELD over UL6 zipper helps shed water in dew cap configuration.
HARDLY ANY HARDWARE virtually eliminates packed friction abrasion +
Fabric packed tight between hardware pieces such as buckles and clips can develop pinholes. All buckles, clips, pulls and ties are either eliminated or replaced with fabric devices.
SYMETRICAL POLES fit either side in either direction from either end
OPEN-END, CONTINUOUS SLEEVES set sure-fire rapid pitch +
Eliminate clips, focused stress points from clips on poles and fabric at anchors, and any reasonable likelihood of crossing up the pitch.
PoleBinder™ supports pole intersection when more strength is needed
FLUSH POLE PACK won't reach out and poke something in your pack
STURDY FABRICS resist abrasion and tears +
WORKHORSE FABRICS with a proven tradition of trusty service resist abrasion and tears. Tub, canopy nylon and fly fabrics are 70 denier (diameter of thread) with 190 per-inch thread count. Taffeta accepts coating more uniformly than ripstop, so tub/footprint and cap/fly are taffeta, with 'standard' 2000 and 1500mm coating respectively. (Height of a water column necessary to effect enough pressure to penetrate coating. Coating does not make a fabric waterproof in the absolute sense, but to the specified level. Coating is heavy, and we offer the most popular balance of minimizing water incursion at lightest weight.) Tub is coated nylon taffeta. Canopy is ripstop nylon for greatest strength and resistance to UV degradation. Fly, cap and footprint are coated polyester taffeta to stay more taut when wet.
TAPED SEAMS keep water from seeping through stitching +
Fly, cap and tub seams are all factory-taped
DESIGN saves weight, not skimpy fabrics +
We like skimpy fabrics, but they just don't hold up as well, and cost more. We anticipate offering skimpy fabrics in subsequent components for backpackers motivated to squeeze out those ounces and apply extra care using their tent.
HIGHEST QUALITY ZIPPERS for smoother operation +
Less trouble with grit. We use only YKK, the world's best. And we use larger-size #5 even in a smaller tent for better service life.
STORAGE galore with 4 pockets and optional attic
FLEXING guy loops help prevent tear outs from wind gusts and trips.
DOUBLE-STRENGTH tub corners have 2 layers of 70D nylon taffeta
CLAM BITE tub corner webbing attachment increases strength +
by anchoring top layer in upper seam ‘meat’. REINFORCED CORNERS with bottom layer sewn separately into reinforced corner on bottom.
for premium tent makers. We take turns with the top names in the business having our tents built by the world leader in high-quality backpacking tent manufacture.