Go to PRODUCTS/Shopping. In Shopping, left click item cart button to add
1 quantity. Right click to reduce qty/remove item. (Or manually increase quantity in CART only if your order does not include a Min, Zye, Cub or Magilla.)

When finished shopping, click CHECK OUT button at bottom of Shopping page;
OR click CART button in top menu.

If your order includes a Min, Zye, Cub or Magilla, Cart applies package
discount on every item added by clicking from Shopping page. All merchandise items in the order added by clicking on the Shopping page then receive the discount. Item quantity can be adjusted on Cart page, but additional quantities will not be discounted.

Review your order for transmittal to PayPal, and then click ORDER NOW
button at bottom of Checkout page.

No login required. No stored information. No order happens until you send
the page to PayPal and confirm your order there.

PayPal will add sales tax for any order shipped to a California zip code.
Do NOT add tax at CART page for any order sent to PayPal.

CART automatically adds flat rate shipping for parcel post. If you want
priority mail, left-click the correct number of times to equal the amount from the note below the spreadsheet (varies by zip prefix.) (If you want anything other than above, please go to ABOUT/contact.) To add insurance simply click on the upgrade.

Click link to PayPal. Enter contact, payment information and shipping
address there.

If you include an email address at PayPal, we may use it to notify of:

a) order received
b) payment confirmation
c) order shipped.

If you use PayPal Instant feature, all 3 may appear in one email.

You may change or cancel an order up to the point we have shipped it.
Once shipped, it becomes a return if you change your mind. PayPal may deduct a transaction fee from the refund.