1. Lay out footprint, shiny (coated) side up. (Coating abrades on ground.)

  2. Lay out tent, matching wide end to wide end of footprint.

  3. Extend poles, avoiding letting them snap. PUSH (never pull to pitch) poles through sleeves. Help the poles along as may be necessary.

  4. Put pole tips in outer grommet at one end of tent, and press on Fasten-8 footprint loops. (Inner grommets are for when tent has stretched from use or wet.)

  5. At other end of tent, continue pushing on pole to raise tent. Help the tent up, especially if wet.

  6. Insert pole tips into grommets, and press on Fasten-8 loops.

  7. Attach Dew Cap if applicable, matching wide end of cap to wide end of tent. (Tiger logos are at wide ends.) Affix Velcro ears to uppermost edge of Velcro tab. Over tightening cap compresses pole structure, causing loose panels.

  8. Attach Lil Fly if applicable; matching wide end of fly to wide end of tent. (Tiger logos are at wide ends.) Affix upper Velcro ears to upper edge of Velcro tabs. Do not over tighten. Affix lower tabs. Press Fasten-8 loops on pole tips.

  9. Stake out 4 corners of tent as may be necessary or preferred. Stake out fly vestibules. Do not pull overly tight.
Reverse procedure to take tent down.

It is necessary to pull poles when taking tent down. Be careful not to unseat
joints and the poles will come easier.