Kibbie Ridge

6-day saunter in NW Yosemite put us atop Kibbie Ridge @ 8,000'. Still a bit of snow. Tiger Cub. 05/18

Kibbie Ck

Snow all gone at 6,500'. Still a bit chilly; got some freezing rain on Tiger Cub the last of 4 nights out. 04/18

Dodge Ridge

March, but snow rotting awfully fast. Knee deep slush. Tiger Cub out 4 days; crazy rain last day. 03/18

Henness Ridge

Dug in with the (3-season) Tiger Cub for a snowy forecast over 4 days, but little happened. About 6,000 feet here. 03/18

February Summer!

Our old fave #6 in Pt. Reyes' Coast Camp. A hot day in winter at the beach! 2 nights, Tiger Cub 02/18

Happy 2018!

Celebrating the New Year's moon on a lovely night at 6,000 ft near Pinecrest Lake in Stanislaus NF. 12/17. Tiger Cub 4 nights

Catfish Lake

Skater tried her luck on shady side! Nice to be warm and cozy around a campfire. 5 nights in Pinecrest area with Tiger Cub. 12/17

Emigrant Wilderness

Laid-back week in our favorite wilderness. Final night at boundary and above Cherry Lake. Year-round spring. Tiger Min. 10/17

Coyote Lake

Easy uphill XC from Wood Lk in Emigrant Wilderness. Very little traffic to this serene lake. Tiger Min. 5 nights 10/17

Maidu Lake

Great 4 1/2 mi hike from Miller Lake in Umpqua NF. Wonderful XC route 3/4 mi over to Lake Lucille. Tiger Min. 2 nights 09/17

Sisters Meadow

XC between Island and Cliff Lakes in Dinkey Lakes Wilderness on 7-nighter. Water this time, not always. Tiger Min. 09/17

Waldo Lake

Dispersed site in Willamette NF about a XC mile from the car. Very smokey from Sisters Fire. Tiger Min. 2 nights 08/17

Blow Lake

Family camping an easy mile from the car in Three Sisters Wilderness. Called Blow for a reason! Tiger Min & REI Camp Dome. 08/17

Yolla Bolly Wilderness

Tiger Min in Pettijohn Basin, with North Yolla Bolly Mtns. in background. Mid-way between NYB Lake and Black Rock Lake. 07/17

Piute Cliffs

Holed up on a ledge above Emigrant"s Piute Meadow in Tiger Min. Great place to camp, and snow melt provided ready water. 06/17

Bergson Lake

High temperatures sent us scrambling for shade at this slightly off-trail Carson Iceberg location in Stanislaus NF. 06/17

Clark Fork

Snow supposed to be here at 6,100' on the flats behind CF cg. Still on the slopes, but can't drive to sledding. Tiger Cub 05/17

Gooseberry Trail

Hillside camp for Tiger Cub near Dodge Ridge. Snow getting very soft; maybe last snow campout of the season. 4/17

Blodgett Forest

Mudslide-blocked US50 forced a try on unplowed Wentworth Road. No cigar. Flexibility prevailed for a good camp! 2/17

Gooseberry Trail

Great galactic show for New Year's Eve. Bit breezy at 7,400' but cozy enough at the fire to enjoy the sky. 12/16

Halloween Lake

Chilly but mostly dry November week in Emigrant Wilderness. Pic at a cross country location in the Grouse Lake area. 11/16

Willow Lake

Eagles Nest Wilderness in CO hosts Tiger Min backpacking tent above Willow Lake, about 11,840' on a 5-day outing. 10/16

Dogtooth Pk

Tiger Min backpacking tent in the shadow of Dogtooth Peak at Bullfrog Lake in Dinkey Lakes Wilderness on an 8-day visit. 9/16

Yosemite Wilderness

Fire and sky evening at Spotted Fawn Lake on a 7-night venture in the northwest part of Yosemite. Tiger Min 09/16

Yosemite Wilderness

Givens Lake in SE Yosemite. Short abandoned trail XC off main trail. Middle of a 7-night visit. Tiger Min 08/16

Lake Valley

Last of a 5-nighter in Emigrant Wilderness. The small pond (not in pic) is about .4 AM SE of Chewing Gum Lake. Tiger Min 08/16

Mt. Jefferson Wilderness

Very easy walk into Scout Lake in the top corner of Oregon's Willamette National Forest. Tiger Min 07/16

Yosemite Wilderness

2 nights at Inferno Lake on a 7-night visit in the NW corner. We find it a fairly difficult XC to get here. Tiger Min 07/16

Little Yosemite Valley

Five-person crew camped in for the hike to Half Dome. Tiger Min, Big Agnes Fly Creek, REI T1, Unk. 06/16

Mt. Shasta 8,000 ft

Weather got bold and made staying in the trees a good choice. Lots of new snow to greet summer. Tiger Cub 06/16

Kibbie Ck

Yosemite Wilderness family & friend gathering over Memorial weekend. Tiger Min & Cub, 2 REI, Marmot. 05/16

Fordyce Creek

Nice site above the creek, just South of Eagle Lakes in Tahoe NF. Signal Butte pic center. Tiger Min 05/16

Pt. Reyes

Chilling at Sky Camp on a windy evening overlooking the ocean. Too cold to cook muffins. Tiger Cub 04/16

Kibbie Ridge

Enjoying rise of full moon in Emigrant Wilderness @ 7,200 ft snow line. Still a bit early. Tiger Cub 04/16

Pt. Reyes

Second of 2 nights, this one at #6 Coast Camp overlooking the ocean. Always heavy dew, so a Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 02/16

Gooseberry Creek

Ringing in the New Year near Dodge Ridge on a 2-nighter. Teen temps, so a Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 12/15

Christianson Lake

Just a bit of XC to this lake in the shadow of Dog Tooth Peak. Tiger Cub backpacking tent on an 8-night visit. 10/15

Granite Lake

Dome site on cross-country Granite Lake in Emigrant Wilderness. 3-nighter in Tiger Min backpacking tent. 10/15

Walling Lake

Tiger Min backpacking tent at Walling Lake in Kaiser Wilderness on a 7-night backpacking adventure. 09/15

Holy Cross Wilderness

Tiger Cub backpacking tents at Seven Sisters Lakes on a 6 night visit to Colorado's Rockies. 09/15

Leopold Lake

Tiger Min backpacking tent at Leopold Lake in Emigrant Wilderness in the middle of a 6-night visit. 08/15

Spotted Fawn

Great site for the Tiger Min backpacking tent overlooking the lake. Yosemite Wilderness on a 7-night visit. 08/15

Bergson Lake

Two Tiger Cub backpacking tents and a Marmot on an Independence weekend outing in Carson Iceberg Wilderness. 07/15

Pleasant CG, El Dorado NF

Tiger Cub backpacking tent gets a wet test over Memorial weekend. Lots of rain didn't kill the little fellow's appetite. 5/15

Deep in the North woods

Customer Jeff aka "Literman" on the Maine AT sends this pic of his Tiger Cub backpacking tent with buddy in an off trail site. 06/15

Emigrant Wilderness

7th & last night of this trip, XC between Chain Lks and Cherry Ck Canyon. Tiger Min backpacking tent 6/15

Rancheria Falls

After a night of serious moisture, takes creativity to start a morning fire. 3-nighter in Tiger Min backpacking tent. 3/15

Preston Falls

Short, easy hike to nice camping for the Tiger Min backpacking tent on a 3-nighter. Stanislaus NF. 3/15

Rancheria Falls CG

A flat spot near Rancheria Falls hosts Tiger Cub backpacking tent for a 3-night adventure in the Hetch Hetchy area of Yosemite NP. 2/15

Dodge Ridge New Year's

Not much snow at 7,600', but a beautiful way to greet 2015 in Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 3-nighter, 1/15

Twin Meadows

Chilling at Twin Meadows Lake with Tiger Cub backpacking tent on a 3-night excursion in Carson Iceberg Wilderness. 10/14

Bullfrog Lake

Wee bit off trail to a small lake nestled in Dinky Lakes Wilderness. 9-night visit in Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 10/14

Leopold Lake

Week visit in Emigrant Wilderness with Tiger Min backpacking tent included a night at this secluded, off-trail lake. 9/14

Barrett Lake

Last of 3 nights in Thousand Lakes Wilderness in Lassen NF. Tiger Cub (good thing--rained hard 1 night) backpacking tent. 06/14

Loch Leven Lake

Likely gets pretty busy here summertime, but all alone on this one-nighter in Tiger Min backpacking tent. 5/14

Bergson Lake

Tiny lake, a bit off trail, though user trail most of the way. Carson Iceberg Wilderness 3-nighter in Tiger Min backpacking tent. 5/14

Mt. Shasta

Helen Lk staging area. Can get really windy; Tiger Min backpacking tent a good choice only for the most optimistic. 4/14

Dodge Ridge

Accessible snow camping with marked and often even groomed trails. Tiger Cub backpacking tent on a 2-night visit. 3/14


Always a fun winter trip in Pt. Reyes. 2-nighter with Tiger Cub backpacking tent. Beach walk to Alamere Falls. 1/14

Sword Lake

Sword XC to Twin Meadows Lk & then Bergson makes great 3-nighter in Carson Iceberg. Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 10/13

Jewelry Lake

Got cold, got dark, camped here and got snow. Some fun in the Tiger Cub backpacking tent on a 7 night trip in Emigrant Wilderness. 10/13

Starvation Lake

Teensie bit off trail, rarely visited. Weather on this 5-night trip with Tiger Cub backpacking tent. Emigrant Wilderness 10/13

Camp Lake

Easy hike to popular lake. First night with friends on a 7-nighter in Emigrant. Tiger UL6 backpacking tent canopy. 10/13

Buck Creek

Persistence and off-trail wandering often find best site. Emigrant Wilderness 5-nights in Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 10/13

Dinky Wilderness

Wander from Nelson Lakes for great XC to Chinquapin Lk. Prolific hail storm on 8 night trip. Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 10/13

Johnson Creek, Weminuche Wilderness

Nearly drowned getting here in CO's WW rainy season, but was a wonderful site. Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 5th night of 6. 8/13

5 Lakes, Tahoe NF

Can be crowded due to no permit/quota, but nice place. 4th night of 5. Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 8/13

Soda Springs, Yosemite NP

"Hot" spot fun to camp at, though no pool of warm water. 3rd night of 3. Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 7/13

UL5 in action

A customer's UL5 backpacking tent canopy. Didn't say where; just out in the woods somewhere. sent to us 7/13

Upper Jackass Lake

2nd night of 3 in Ansel Adams Wilderness. Tiger Cub backpacking tent. Good staging for a 4-5hr rt hike to Madera Peak. 6/13

Flora Lake

Some pretty rough XC to get to this part of Yosemite NP, a favorite of ours. 3 night outing. Tiger Min backpacking tent. 6/13

Kibbie Ck, Yosemite NP

Scoping the site for a family/friend get together over Mem wknd. 3 nights in Tiger Min backpacking tent. 5/13

Eagle Springs

Incredibly, this is spitting distance from the Bay Area. Also usually cold and windy. 1 night in Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 6/13

Mt. Shasta

9,600'and blown off the mountain in 2 nights. Tiger Cub backpacking tent held, but note the wind wall. 4/13

MassJam 2013

Trying out the Tiger Outdoor backpacking tent products at MassJam 2013 Boy Scout Jamboree in Barnstable Ma.

Loon Lk CG

El Dorado NF's Loon Lake CG provides very accommodating social with Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 2 nights 3/13

Dardanelles Ck

2nd of 2 nights in Carson Iceberg Wilderness. Weather was forecast, but not snow. Tiger Cub backpacking tent is not a 4-season tent. 12/12

Christiansen Lake

Looking over to Dogtooth Peak in Dinkey Lakes Wilderness. Last of 8 nights. Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 10/12

Above Camp Lake

First of 6 nights in Emigrant Wilderness. Tiger UL6 backpacking tent canopy. Very easy lake to reach from Crabtree TH. 10/12

Spotted Fawn Lake

12 miles, and a bit of XC to this splendid Yosemite Wilderness lake. 6-night gambit with Tiger Min backpacking tent. 9/12

Pleasant Lake CG

El Dorado NF. Visited by 2 bears here. 1st of 3 nights to walk around the lake--lots of XC. Tiger Min backpacking tent. 8/12

Deer Lake

Sky Lakes Wilderness, OR offers lots of easy-hike lakes. 2nd of 3 nights. Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 08/12

Wire Lake

5-night visit in Emigrant Wilderness with Tiger Min backpacking tent. Great XC skill-building route. 8/12

Doris Lake

3rd of 3 nights in Three Sisters Wilderness, OR. Fun hiking to nice destinations. Tiger UL6 backpacking tent canopy. 8/12

Castle Rock

6/12 camping social in Tiger Min backpacking tent with friends. Short drive and 1 hr easy hike in this CA state park.

Miter Basin

8-day trip through Cottonwood Lakes and Miter Basin in Sequoia Kings Canyon NP. Tiger Min backpacking tent. 7/12

Mt. Shasta

Looking up to Helen Lake and Red Banks on 2012's second try for the summit. Made it! Tiger Min backpacking tent. 6/12

Occupy Kibbie Creek

Family and friend social on Kibbie Creek over Memorial wknd. Tiger Min backpacking tent plus others. 6/12

Ohlone Wilderness Trail

We like Eagles Aerie site on a 2 night adventure at the edge of the Bay area. Tiger Min backpacking tent. 4/12

Loon Lake CG

Great place for short hike in and snow shoe routes--when there's snow! 3 nights in Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 3/12

Iceberg Peak in BG

3 nights on Arnot Ck / Disaster Ck. Nice loop; some road. 23 deg at time of pic. Tiger Cub UL6 backpacking tent canopy. 12/11

Emigrant Wilderness

9-night adventure through our favorite Wilderness. About an air mile east of Little Bear Lake. Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 10/11

Dead Frog Lake

Not really, but no name otherwise. Near Sasche Springs in Emigrant-Yosemite. 3 nights with Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 9/11

Chain Lakes

Cozy XC lake in Emigrant Wilderness--trail on the map, not on the ground from main Chain. 3 nights in Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 8/11

Sequoia-Kings Canyon

A few hundred yards downstream from Guitar Lake--wonderful spot to camp. 4th of 7 nights. Tiger Min backpacking tent. 7/11

Spotted Fawn

A favorite haunt in Yosemite NP. 11-night outing for this one. Start at Kibbie Ridge TH. Tiger Min backpacking tent. 7/11

Inferno Lakes

We love this (lower) lake but it beats us up to get there on a XC from Boundary Lake. 11 night trip. Tiger Min backpacking tent. 7/11


Overlooking Cherry Lake, from Kibbie Ridge. Spring 1/2 mi down trail. Tiger UL6 backpacking tent canopy. 7/11

Mt. Shasta

2nd trip to the mountain. Kind weather for 3 nights and a summit trip. Tiger Min backpacking tent. 6/11

Castle Rock

State Park close to town and great when jonesing for a 1 nighter. Tiger UL6 backpacking tent canopy. 6/11

Mt. Shasta

Vicious weather pinned us at 7,900' Stayed for 2 nights and left. Tiger Cub backpacking tent shuddered, but held. 5/11

Loon Lake

Snow camping social, where there's tables, firerings and potties. 2 nights. Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 5/11

Stewart Camp

Pretty good half-way point from Ohlone backpacking camp to Del Valle. 2 night adventure. Tiger Min backpacking tent. 4/11

Peninsula Lake

This Yosemite site really rocks! Rough XC from Huckleberry Lk. Half-way through 11 nights, Tiger Min backpacking tent. 9/10

Dinkey Lks Wilderness

XC camping from Cliff Lake TH looking to Dog Tooth Peak over Tiger UL6 backpacking tent canopy. #8 of 9 nights. 10/10

Long Lake

Kaiser Wilderness. Nice to camp up on the bluff. Gets a little drafty. Tiger Min on a 9 night outing. 9/10

Many Island Lake

This lake isn't far from Styx Pass, but can be a bruiser to get to. Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 9 nights. 9/10

Hart Lake

Some traffic as close to Ostrander Hut. Much fun from Buena Vista Lk and a bit of XC. Tiger UL5 backpacking tent canopy. 5 nights. 8/10

Flora Lake

Not an easy XC, and not lots of great sites, but not much traffic, either. 5 nights. Tiger Min backpacking tent. 8/10

Merkur Lake

No-name lk near Merkur Peak in Emigrant. Great old trail from Sasche Spgs if you find it. 3 nights. Tiger Cub backpacking tent. 9/10

Wire Lake

Sub-alpine lake has lots of granite and a few trees. Little bit of XC to get there. 9 nights on this trek. Tiger Min backpacking tent. 9/9

Kaiser Wilderness

An un-named snow pond with a splendid campsite not far from Potter Pass. 9 nights. Tiger UL6 backpacking tent canopy. 9/9

Caribou Wilderness

Wonderful little wilderness at the edge of Mt. Lassen Volcanic Park. Lots of lakes. 3 nights. Tiger UL6 backpacking tent canopy. 7/09

Tiger Jym prototype

Tiger Jym large 2-person backpacking tent at Fingerbowl Lk. (Not in production.)

Tiger Factory

Production for Tiger Outdoor Products Chameleon Arch Tent.